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Co. C, 5th Missouri Cavalry

Approved by the 4th Military District Commander and SVR National Commander at the 2001 National Encampment, Co. C, 5th Missouri Cavalry was brought into the SVR by 1Lt. Emmett Taylor, III, later that year. The organization was the first and only SVR mounted unit in nearly a decade and sets a new standard for future SVR cavalry units. Initially made up of six troopers, Company C grew quickly.

5th Missouri Cavalry

The original 5th Missouri Cavalry was organized by consolidation of the Benton Hussars and three companies of the Hollan Horse in February 1862. It served in the campaign against Confederate General Price, during the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, and saw duty in southwest Missouri until ordered to Pilot Knob in October 1862. It was consolidated with the 4th Missouri Cavalry the following month.

Today's Co. C, 5th Missouri Cavarly is active in supporting the SUVCW and SVR during ceremonies and parades. It's also a re-enacting unit, distinguishing itself on battlefields throughout the Midwest. Because this will be the only cavalry unit in the SVR for a time, it's open to all interested brothers throughout the 4th Military District. Members need not be mounted to join. As the old cavalry recruiting poster reads: "If you want to have a good time, join the Cavalry!"


Major Emmett Taylor, III, Commander

2Lt. Gregory R. Decker, Adjutant
105 Friendly Drive
Belleville, IL 62226
(618) 222-1271

Visit the 5th Missouri Cavalry Web site.

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