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Welcome to the 4th Military District, Sons of Veterans Reserve (SVR). The SVR is a voluntary, ceremonial, uniformed organization, whose purpose it is to assist our parent order, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War, in fostering the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic and all Union soldiers. We do this through Civil War-related memorials, ceremonies, parades, demonstrations and living history programs.

Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, and Missouri belong to the SVR's 4th Military District. Colorado and Wyoming are temporarily assigned to the 4th. The SVR welcomes both re-enactors and non-reenactors. It is an organization devoted to preserving a living link with the Union soldiers of the Civil War through a variety of programs and activities.

The 4th Military District was organized in 1963, shortly after the Battle of Gettysburg Centennial. the task of organizing the district was assigned to its new commander, LtC. Ernst Von Frankenberg of West Bend, Wisconsin. He founded the 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association, insuring that every member was also an SVR member. He recruited Co. C, 34th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Rock River Rifles); Co. D, 12th Infantry Regiment, Illinois Volunteers; Co. C, 5th U.S. Cavalry; and Battery I, 1st Missouri Light Artillery.

The 4th Military District Headquarters Company was organized in May 1977 for those SVR members not assigned to existing units. In 1980, Cushing's Battery was added to the district's units.

In 2015 Lt. Col. Edward J. Krieser of Branson, Missouri succeeded David Lamb as Commander of the 4th Military District. Major Lamb of Johnston, Iowa served as the District Commander from 2013 to 2015; Lt. Col. Grothe served as Commander from 1997 to 2013.

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